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April 13, 2010 at 5:33 pm | Posted in Boston Marathon 2010, tapering | 3 Comments

“Keeping my eye on today is about all I’m capable of.  And today, I think I’ll go for a run.”

John Bingham, “Back to the Future”, Runner’s World

Amazing quote, don’t you think?  It struck a chord with me when I read it yesterday.  Life is hectic and living it one day at a time is about all I can do.  Each day, I think about how I will fit in my workout…especially my run.  Although it may seem downright impossible to run at times, I’m always sooo glad I did!

And today I think I’ll go for a run…a short, easy run, that is.  With the Boston Marathon only 6 days away, it’s mostly active resting that I’ll be doing this week and that’s what I did last week.  Sound like an oxymoron?  Not really.  I feel that it’s important to keep my body moving during taper week; I just move it more slowly and more gently with much less time devoted to training of any kind.  For example, previously on Tuesdays I ran and swam…a 9 mile hill repeat run and an hour and a half swim.  Tonight, I think I’ll run an easy 4 miles.  Sounds like I’m a whimp, right?  No, just actively resting.

Monday, April 5 – Long Run 12.2 miles in 1:45:32.

Tuesday, April 6 – Tempo Run 5 miles, Swim 1.5 hours of drills.

Wednesday, April 7 – Mountain Bike  21 mile ride.

Thursday, April 8 – Run Hill Repeats for 7 miles, Swim 2000 yards.

Friday, April 9 – Rest

Saturday, April 10 – Easy Run at Marathon Pace  4.5 miles (Tapering in Earnest now!!!)

Sunday, April 11- Last kinda long run of 8 miles at marathon pace.


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