A New Beginning

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It’s been nearly 3 years since I wrote in my blog, far too long.  Truthfully, my life was so chaotic that I found it difficult to write about anything.  But it’s the beginning of a new year and a beginning of a new book for me, the book of joy.  This year I am dedicating every cell of my being to finding joy.  That doesn’t mean finding wealth or finding herds of friends.  To me, finding joy means digging deep within my heart and seeking that missing piece that I’ve wasted so many years pursuing.  I’m realizing that I need to let down the curtains that have hidden my feelings and be vulnerable; I need to open up myself to God’s purpose for me.

This blog will continue to be about my training adventures but it will also include my endeavors toward finding joy.  That’s my most important goal in 2013…find joy and shine it brightly for all to see.

This song spoke to me, changed me, broke me.  Maybe it will speak to you.



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Well, tomorrow is decision day regarding my participation in the Columbus Marathon this Sunday.  To those of you who’ve never experienced an injury prior to a marathon, be thankful, very thankful.  The months of grueling track workouts, hill repeats, 21 mile runs with the last 7 at marathon goal pace, tempo runs in 88 degree weather are poof! seemingly up in smoke. 

I am happy to report that I went for a 4.4 mile run this afternoon and had very little pain; just the first several steps of my run were very slightly painful.  Really, the pain was insignificant.  On the downside, my legs felt fat and heavy and my mind tired.  Now, if I rest completely, and I mean not even a mile of running, I think I could finish Sunday’s marathon.  However, my goal for the past several months has been to qualify for Boston.  So, do I go to Columbus just to run and not focus on qualifying?  Or do I wait a few weeks and run a November marathon? 

If you would kindly voice your opinion, I would be ever so grateful.  Also, if you have any helpful website you’d like to suggest, I’d welcome your suggestions with open arms.

Thank you to my friends Tom, Amy, Bella, Mary, Kathy, and JP for checking in on me, even if it’s only periodically.  Some of you have sent me emails daily inquiring about my physical and mental health.  You’ll never know just how very much your compassion and concern for me has meant.  It’s great to know I have friends!

In case you’re wondering, my total miles run to date = 1513.65.  I guess that’s something to be proud of, anyway.

The Eternal Optimist

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A very dear friend of mine (as well as a colleague and a fellow runner) stopped by my classroom to say hi Friday morning.  Shortly after we said hello, he remarked on my lack of posts as of late.  It’s true:  I haven’t posted in a very long time.  Instead, I’ve enjoyed reading my blogging friends have to say.  Some of my favorites are run-a-bout.blogspot.com, runnerslounge.wordpress.com, and bellablogshack.blogspot.com.  (Psst…I don’t know how to create links or I’d do that so that you, too, could enjoy these blogs with just the click of your mouse.)   Oh, if you want to go to a great website where you can meet other runners with goals similar to yours, check out www.runnerslounge.com.  It’s a great, new site developed just for a runner like you (that is, anyone!).

One word best characterizes any runs I’ve had lately – painful.  My left inner thigh/groin is injured making even easy 5 mile runs  a challenge.  However, I’ve cut back on my running substantially and that, combined with my visits to my chiropractor, seem to be helping.  I’m still hopeful that I’ll be pain-free by next Sunday for the Columbus Marathon.

Having run 6 previous marathons, I know that I must be pain-free or close to it to run the distance well and right now I have some pain.  However, the body and mind are miraculous and, I believe, can heal very quickly.  So, I’m focusing on strength and wellness.  Hey, a lot can happen in a week!

Hello Runners Everywhere!

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Well, I can’t believe I’m sitting at home writing a blog!  A couple of months ago I thought I’d give blogging a shot, but became discouraged and gave up.  So, here I go again…

If you read my very brief profile, you may learn that I am passionate about running.  So far this year I’ve run 892.24 miles, 1 marathon, and 14 other races.  My favorite race by far is the half marathon; although, I’m warming up to 5k’s.  There’s just something wonderful about knowing that you’ll be finished in something less than 24 or 25 minutes.

Like many of you, tomorrow I’m running a Firecracker race.  Mine begins and ends in the town of Fairport, the town from where the 5 newly high school-graduated girls who lost their lives to a car accident came.  Such a tragedy!!  This is a tough 5 mile course, but with every step I’ll thank God that my two kids are healthy.

Tomorrow I’ll report back on the particulars of the race. 

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