Getting Back My Shine

March 24, 2010 at 7:56 pm | Posted in 1 | 2 Comments

Up until about a year ago, I went to Power Vinyasa classes at a wonderful yoga studio in Pittsford, NY at least twice a week.  When I initially began these classes, I quickly noticed my body changing.  My core became strong and legs and arms toned.  More importantly, my mind underwent some very necessary transformations:  I began focusing on the present and on joy, peace, and contentment.  I learned how to shine from the inside out, and  I never felt better.

Now, the yoga is gone and with it went my shine.  My runs lack enthusiasm and strength.  I find my thoughts drifting often to my inability to improve instead of staying present and accepting my body’s current ability.  My joyful, cheerful disposition has been replaced by a sullen, insecure being I don’t recognize.

I need to will get my shine back.  I need to will find my joy.  I need to will focus on the positives of running.  Today is a new day and a new opportunity to shine on.



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  1. Yes, get it back my friend! You are still the same person within, just let her out again. Maybe a few yoga classes will remind you of where she is…. You are an amazing athlete and all of us have a few rough workouts. You have achieved much and you have much in your future. You can do it! 🙂

  2. I think you are tired! Think of Boston in a few weeks and you’ll feel energetic! The town will be all about Boston that week! I am so impressed with your many transitions. Glad things are working out so well. An Ironman, wow, I am attempting my first 1/2 in the summer!

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