Training and Tapering

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fl triOver the past 3 months, I’ve been training for the Richmond Marathon.  This will be my second time running this course and I’m really excited!  Richmond is a beautiful, historic city, and the race is friendly, fun, entertaining and challenging.

In previous years, I devoted myself to marathon training like it was my job.  I ate, slept, and drank my training.  I dreamed about the race.  I contemplated which strategy I would adopt for race day.  I set 3 different goals…the dream goal, the realistic goal, and the please-just-let-me-finsh goal.  For this race, my 12th marathon, I’ve adopted a whole new training plan.

With my new focus on triathlons, I haven’t run the number of miles I once did.  Instead, I swim and bike much, much more.  I’ve noticed that the crosstraining has kept me healthier and hurting less.  Hmmm…must be something to this!  That is, until this last month. 

 During October I’ve picked up my running considerably and backed down my crosstraining.  Guess what?  My hamstring on my left leg is hurting and my legs feel heavy and tired.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I firmly believe that the addition of the bike and swim have made me a healthier, stronger athlete. 

Next week begins my 2 week taper.  I’m going to taper like it’s my job.  Bring it on!


Hands of Time

October 1, 2009 at 7:39 pm | Posted in 1, Happiness, running | Leave a comment

October 1st is here.  To me, October signifies vibrant colors, crisp autumn morning, pumpkins, first frosts, happy runs with good friends.  This year, October means so much more.  It means a time to heal.

At times, life can be challenging, emotionally draining.  Certainly, running and other physical activities do so much to help lift bruised spirits.  But sometimes long, challenging runs aren’t enough.  At these times, what works?  I’m still searching for the answer to that question, although I think I know of at least one thing that helps.

I’ve discoved that focusing my mind what gratitude tends to relieve stress and unpleasant feelings.  If I stop the negative, self-defeating thoughts and replace them with thankful ones I almost always feel better.  I also find that visualizing what I want for my life fills me with a sense of peace.

I think it’s true:   time does heal all.  Now, it’s my time to open up my heart and allow the love and healing to begin.

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