The Muddy Sneaker 20k Trail Race

April 24, 2009 at 6:24 pm | Posted in 1 | 1 Comment

Hello blogging friends!  It’s been a very long time since I’ve written.  No excuses – just haven’t sat down long enough to write.  But last weekend I ran a race that I just need to say a few words about:  the Muddy Sneaker 20k trail race.

Without question, this was one of the most difficult races I’ve ever run but I do love a challenge.  It takes place in picturesque Naples, NY  where the views are spectacular.  Here’s the low down on the race.

Elevation:  Over 4,000 feet of climbing up very steep hills.

Distance:  20k or 12.4 miles

Time:  2:20 (I know, S-L-O-W!!!)

Description:  A kick A***, mother of all that’s difficult course.  In otherwords, IT’S A KILLER!

As I was driving to the race with my friends, I felt the familiar pang of pre-race jitters charging through my belly.  When I arrived and saw the monster hill I had to immediately climb at the start of the race, I felt nauseous.  When I started my second mile and realized that the course was incredibly technical with tons of single track, I began to relax.  Afterall, I’m not going to win the race, why not just enjoy it and soak in the surrounding beauty?  That’s just what I did.



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