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“True intelligence operates silently.  Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.” – Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks. p. 7.

Recent changes in my life have caused me to stop and quietly focus on what’s important.  Just thought that I’d share some of my realizations.

1.) Family should always be first. Is there anything more precious in this world than children?   My daughter, my son, and my mother are three of the most wonderful human beings I am priviledged to know.  I need to keep them number one in my life, no matter who else or what else enter.

2.) Joy is to be embraced. There will be times in my life (and in yours, too) when I’ll be on a mountain top.  But there will also be valleys filled with pain and sadness.  It’s okay to acknowledge hurt; in fact, it’s healthy.  But I must make that short-lived and move on to joy.  Joy comes from accepting what the universe gives me, from loving myself, from engaging in activites i love, from cherishing friends and family, from being present.  Embracing joy is the greatest gift I can give myself.

3.) My friends really and truly love me.  There are few things better than girlfriends.  I need to thank my dear sisters who have stood by my side recently and shown me so much love.  Thank you, Karin, Carolyn, Amy, Kathy, Molly, Lisa, Karen, Margaret, Ellen.  I love you all.

4.)  Running brings solace and releases endorphines that seem to make everything all right with the world if only for a few hours.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I LOVE TO RUN!  When I run, I feel like I’m free.  It really doesn’t matter how fast I run, I just love the feeling of sweating and hearing my feet hit the pavement.  What a high!

5.) Cross training can be very satisfying and is very necessary. One of my goals for 2009 is to complete my first triathlon.  However, I need to swim and bike in order to due that.  I’m really enjoying spin class and I just recently bought new pedals for my bike and shoes so that I can clip in and ride more efficiently.  Tomorrow I’m signing up for swim lessons and then I’ll join a swim class.  It’s refreshing to add new sports to my routine.

6.) No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place.  Every single person who enters my life is there to teach me something.  It may take years for me to really understand the lesson(s).  However, sometimes I know immediately what I am to learn. 

7.) Although it may be difficult, it is so good for the soul to send love and light to someone who has hurt us or is hurting.  The last thing I want is to be a bitter person who holds grudges.  Therefore, I will continue to send love and light to those who’ve injured me in some way.

8.) Become passionate about a cause.  If you’ve read my blog for a half a minute, you know that I’m passionate about running and yoga.  What you don’t know is my passion for young people.  Being a teacher is such a priviledge.  I sincerely love my students and pray that they will be happy, healthy, well-adjusted teenagers.

9.)  Have a goal.  Dream about it.  Envision yourself achieving it.  Work toward it.  Succeed!  Enough said.

10.) Clean your house. Clean your spiritual house, your soul, that is.  Take note of your fears, your insecurities, your hurt.  Acknowledge those things, see them, feel them.  Then, put them in a box and dump each box on the curb. 

Above all, love yourself!  Truly, you can’t love another until you love who you are.



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