Last Long Run – DONE!

September 27, 2008 at 8:45 pm | Posted in Marathon training, Steamtown Marathon | 3 Comments

Woo hoo!  I’m doing the happy dance!  Just finished my last long run (well, it was only 13.1) and even though I was tired, I ran pretty well. 

The first 8 miles I ran at a nice, easy pace and the last 5 miles I picked it up and ran between an 8:35 to 8:45 pace.  My total time for the 13.1 was 1:58:03 – not fast but, then again, that wasn’t my goal. 

For the next two weeks I’ll take it nice and easy with my longest run being 10 miles.  What a switch that will be for me, especially after loggin 4-20+ mile long runs and several 17 or longer mile runs.

Let the taper begin!



September 24, 2008 at 8:45 pm | Posted in Marathon training, Steamtown Marathon | 2 Comments

Well, I can’t believe it but I’m already in taper mode.  Where did the weeks go? 

For me, tapering is a challenge.  I never feel like I’m doing enough running and I always feel like I’m eating too much food!  However, I understand the wisdom behind the taper…let your body rest for the work it’s about to do.

My question is:  How long should the taper be?  Some argue two weeks, others three.  What do you think?

Yahoo!!! Gotta love 22!

September 19, 2008 at 7:31 pm | Posted in Long Run, Marathon training | 5 Comments

Gotta love 22 miles, that is. 

Tomorrow marks my longest run before my marathon – 22 miles.  I’m psyched!!  I just love getting up early on a Saturday morning, lacing up my shoes, and heading out for a few hours of running.  Usually I run with girlfriends, but this Saturday I’m opting to run alone as I probably won’t do a lot of talking on marathon morning and I want to practice running silently (a real challenge for me!). 

Several local runners ask me what my secret is to keeping my attitude positive toward the long run.  Hummm, this is an interesting question to which there is no quick answer.  I guess the single biggest influence on my mental fitness is yoga.  Emphasis on being present and on breathing in peace, love, acceptance, and joy helps my focus remain positive.  

Tomorrow I’ll attempt to run the last 8 miles at my goal pace, 8:45.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Happy weekend to all and happy running!

Rochester Marathon 2008

September 15, 2008 at 9:02 pm | Posted in Rochester Marathon 2008 | 1 Comment


For the second consecturive year I was asked to run on a women’s masters relay team for the Rochester marathon.  Of course I jumped at the chance!  Pictured above, from left to right, are Mary, Deb, myself, and Diane.  When I tell you these ladies are fast, I mean to tell you they are FAST!  I felt honored when they asked me to join them for the run.

No one, not even the meteorologists, could have predicted the record-breaking heat and humidity we experience in Rochester, NY yesterday.  The conditions were oppressive, reminiscent of last year’s Chicago Marathon.  I was so grateful that I agreed to run on a relay team instead of running the entire marathon!  My heart went out to all of the marathoners and half marathoners; the weather couldn’t have been worse and so many people ended up in the medical tent and the emergency room of a local hospital.

Since I was the 3rd leg, I had a lot of time to warm-up (1.5 hours) and get nervous.  I really wanted to run well for my team and I just felt like butterflies were zipping around in my stomach while I waited for Mary to tag me.  My nervousness paid off and I ran my 7.5 miles in under an hour.  I was psyched!

I’m proud to say that we took 1st place.  What a thrill!  In fact, all of the teams that raced for GRTC ran well with 3 placing in the top 5 out 97 teams (my team was 5th)  GO GRTC!!

Should you go farther than 20?

September 8, 2008 at 5:30 pm | Posted in friends, Long Run, Marathon training, running | 3 Comments

Yes, that’s my question:  Should you run farther than 20 miles during your marathon training?  What are the benefits?  I’d love to hear your opinions!

Saturday I ran an incredibly difficult almost 21 miles.  My girlfriends and I ran up and down hill after hill and only stopped once to refuel our fuel belts.  For me, it was one of those runs that just felt tough the entire way.  You know, the kind of day when every mile is an effort.

What got me through this run was my mind.  Somewhere around mile 13 or 14 I let a few negative thoughts creep into my brain.  “I’m so exhausted!  I just don’t have it today!  I want to stop!”  But then a little voice (I call it my yoga voice) broke in and said, “Hey, just be present.  Right now your feet are moving and you’re doing it.  Keep it up!  Shine! Be present, be present.”

So, I kept going and finished in 3:06 and change.  The mind is miraculous!

But I have to wonder, do you really need to go that far in training runs?  Thoughts?

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