Buffalo Marathon and Half Marathon 2008

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What a perfect day for a race!  At 7:00 this the morning the temperature was about 55°, the sun was shining brightly, and the breeze was gentle – absolutely beautiful.

This was the first time in a very long time that I drove to a marathon with friends and, I must say, I had a much better time as a result.  So many Rochesterians were at the Buffalo Marathon today; it was wonderful to see such a large representation of my running community.  Several ran the half, but there were many who ran full, including a handful of my very closest friends.  (For a nice account of the full, read JP’s blog.)

3:45 – Alarm wakes me and I jump up for a quick shower and coffee.  Suddenly it dawns on me that I forgot to pack several things – GU, deoderant (my travel companions definitely wouldn’t want me in the car without that!), a clean sports bra and shirt.  I rush around packing everything and finally hop in my car and make the 20 minute trip to Darrin’s and Carolyn’s home. 

4:45 – Phew!  I arrive on time but, wait – I forgot to eat.  How could I forget breakfast?  What a dummy!  Guess my GU will have to suffice for fuel.

6:30 – Darrin, Dan, Joe, and I arrive in Buffalo and run up to the Hyatt to get our race number and chip.  Then we run back to the car to get ourselves ready.  Darrin and I run again to look for a bathroom and find one in the Convention Center (what a way to warm up!).  We all wish each other good luck and head to our respective starting lines (they ran the full).

7:00 – And we’re off!  The first mile is all downhill and I repeatedly tell myself to run easy, run easy.  In fact, that was my mantra for the first 6 miles.  Speaking of the first 6 miles, this was the best part of the half.  We ran along a beautiful, flat waterfront and it was actually peaceful (can you tell I loved it?). 

8:00 – I can’t believe how quickly this race is going by but my body is yelling at me for not eating breakfast and for drinking the electrolite replenishing drink served on the course.  What is that stuff? It’s making me nauseous.   Keep running, I tell my legs, and while you’re at it, let’s pick up that pace.  Come on, it’s time to move!  My legs obey and my pace improves dramatically.

8:50ish:– Woo hoo!  There’s the finish – I’m done!  Another half under my belt; my third so far this year.  Not a PR for me but I’ll allow it this time given my recent surgeries and all.  My time was 1:52:10 and I placed 10th in my age group.  Not the best but not too bad either.

My friends all had great marathons today.  Darrin ran a 3:05, Dan a 3:21, JP a 3:27, and Joe ran a 4:08.  Congratulations, guys! 




Training for the week of May 12 – 18, 2008

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Life has been extremely hectic lately leaving me little time to write.  However, I’m happy to report that my body is getting stronger and stronger making running much more enjoyable again (thank God!).  I’m really looking forward to running the Buffalo Half Marathon this coming Sunday.  (That’s right:  I’ve decided to be kind to my body and just run the half instead of the full.)

May 12 – Rest.

May 13 – Hill Repeats at Cobbs Hill – 10.10 miles.  Great workout at one of the my favorite places to run in Rochester.  Saw so many people I knew, and this made the hill repeats so much more enjoyable.  Hills are my friends!

May 14 – 6.2 Easy miles.

May 15 – 11.4 miles and spin class.  Ran 5.2 miles in the morning and 6.2 in the afternoon. Then, cycled hard in spin class.  Great workout!

May 16 – Rest.

May 17 – 14 mile run from Mendon Ponds Park.  Although I live in a very hilly town in Rochester, the hills of Mendon feel much more challenging then those I run in Fairport.  (Maybe it’s because I’m not used to them?)  I drove to Mendon to cheer on my friends who were participating in a duathalon.  Karin was the 5th woman overall – awesome!

May 18 – 4.25 Easy miles in Erie, PA.  My beautiful daughter graduated with B.A. in English from Mercyhurst College.  I couldn’t be more proud of her.  Pictures to follow.

Total Miles for the Week:  45.85



Training Week for May 5 – 11, 2008

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It’s amazing to watch my body recover from the traumas it’s been through. It seems as though each time I head out for a run I feel a bit spunkier and a bit stronger. Below reflects my training for this past week.

Monday, May 5 – Ran 8.20 from Mom’s house in Brighton. Felt so exhausted when I was finished that it took all of my strength to shower, drive home, eat a salad, brush my teeth, and climb into bed.

Tuesday, May 6 – No run, not feeling well.

Wednesday, May 711.10 miles. Ran 5 in the morning including 3 x 1200 meters in 5:00. Ran 6.10 after school in Greece. Good running!

Thursday, May 85.50 miles at an easy pace.

Friday, May 9 – REST

Saturday, May 10Run for the Young 5k plus warm-up and cool-down for a total of 8.12 miles. Did a pub run to benefit the American Cancer Society in memory of Charlie McMullen in the evening. While I had a great time and was glad to support a worthy cause, I certainly wouldn’t count this distance in my training log. That’s okay – sometimes it’s good just to run and have fun!

Sunday, May 1111.50 miles. Ran from Mom’s again. Great run!

TOTAL FOR THE WEEK = 44.34 Miles

Happy Mother’s Day

May 11, 2008 at 3:59 pm | Posted in 1, friends, Mother's Day | 4 Comments

She is very touching in her sweet little marks of affection.


Once or twice, when I have seemed unhappy about little things,
she has come and held up her little mouth to be kissed.
Last night I was in pain, and made a sort of moan.
She was lying by me, apparently asleep;
but as if her gentle instinct of love prompted her even then, she pressed to me, saying, ‘Kiss, Mama,’
These are trifles, but how very precious may the remembrance of them become.
Elizabeth Gaskell


When I read Gaskell’s poem I remembered the many precious memories of my children when they were small.  The butterfly kisses, the dandelion bouquets, the “I love you, Mommy” whispers as sweet sleep settled on their little beings.  Where have the years gone? 

I miss my daughter so much today it hurts.  My son is home but working and busy with friends, just as a 19 year old boy should be. 

Flowers are nice – so, too, are cards and gifts.  But nothing can replace the time you spend with your mom.  Today, more so than ever, I wish that I could have a day with my children. 

If you’re a mom with little ones, cherish these days.  I know that they’re challenging at times, but someday you’ll long for the moments of little kid maddness. 

 Happy Mother’s Day to all.  If you’re able, hug your mom today. 


Run for the Young 5k

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Well, after last Saturday’s disasterous race I thought I’d get back out there and try again at the Run for the Young 5k in Greece, NY.  This race benefits the Diocese, so I really felt obligated to show my support.

Boy, I sure am glad I did!  Today I ran much stronger (not quite back yet, but getting there).  My time was 24:23 and I placed 1st in my age group (all of the really fast ladies stayed home!).  Lots of fun for a good cause!

Love Yourself, Baby

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“Love yourself, baby!” is what my friend, Loren, said as she left my home today at the conclusion of bookclub. Three powerful words that seem to be my mantra these days. I’m trying, Loren, really I am. But what does that mean? How does one truly love themselves without being a selfish, self-centered ass?

I’ve never written about my bookclub. Four years ago, several of my athletic, highly literate friends and I decided to start a bookclub. Once a month we meet to discuss our latest selection. (In case you’re wondering, we all take turns selecting a book.) We’ve read some excellent, excellent books and some absolutely terrible ones. Our discussions are always lively and insightful and even heated at times. Really, it’s an excuse for those of us who live on the eastside of town to get together with the westsiders and drink wine, eat, laugh, talk about books. GREAT FUN!

I always look forward to entertaining my friends when it’s my turn to host. I love to spoil them with delicious treats and excellent wine. Today I did put out some excellent food, but it was my friends who spoiled me. They each walked in with a favorite bottle of wine (all white as they know I don’t drink red), gifts for my birthday, big bear hugs, and kind sentiments. A few even teared up when they hugged me and said, “I love you and I’m so glad I can hug you.” (Guess they were all very concerned about my health.)

Although I live alone I’m really never alone. I know that I have many, many wonderful friends who love me very sincerely and want me to treat myself with a little more tenderness. Thank you, dear hearts, for loving me. You know that each of you holds a very special place in my heart. Yes, Loren, I will love myself but you must promise to do the same.

The 3.3 Mile 5k Race

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This morning I set out to run my first 5k race since my surgeries.  Admittedly, I was feeling a bit trepidacious about it.  I’m certainly not the fastest runner at the races, but I can usually do okay (that is, depending on who shows up!).  I knew that today would not be a PR for me, not by a long shot, but I also knew that I needed to overcome my nervousness about racing.  The best way to do that is to race!

The 5k for Kenya was held in my town and the money collected was going to help build schools in Kenya.  That sealed the deal for me; I would run no matter how slow or fast I did it.  So, I lined up at the starting line with my friends Jean-Paul and Karin and with a few butterflies zipping around in my stomach.

The village of Fairport is such a quaint, peaceful little place, kind of reminds me of the town in the musical, The Music Man. While I enjoyed running around my town, I’ve got to tell you that I was seriously slow. I’m talking turtle-pace slow. Almost never do I run at anything over an 8:00 pace for a 5k, never. Not today, though. It was such a challenge to get my feet moving!

When I came down the hill to the finish, I couldn’t believe the time clock – 27:23! WHAT!! This was by far the slowest 5k I’d ever run! My mind was immediately flooded with disappointment. But then, my friends told me to look at my Garmin. The actual distance was 3.31 miles, not 3.1. It may sound silly, but I breathed an audible sigh of relief.

Later on I thought about how much importance I place on fitness. To some, it may seem ridiculous and self-centered. But after a lifetime of giving to everyone else on the planet and placing myself dead last, I think it’s time for me to do things that I enjoy, too. Racing is one of those things. While I know that I’m not the best on any course, I love working hard to be the best that I can be.

Next week, and for the next several weeks, there are many races in Rochester. I’m going to get back out there and try to run a little faster. If I can just keep working and remembering to be patient with myself, I’ll see improvement. Really, there is no hurry – I have a lifetime!

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