T.G.F.R.! (Thank God for Running!)

December 15, 2007 at 12:23 am | Posted in friends, Racing, running, running for mental health | Leave a comment

What a week!  Life has been so incredibly stressful and disappointing and hectic lately.  It feels like I haven’t had a moment to take a breath.  When I get busy and stressed like this I inevitably get sick.  And that’s just what happened:  I ended up leaving school early yesterday and stayed home today. 

Working two jobs, shopping and preparing for Christmas, and problems with friends have left me drained and unhappy and 5 pounds thinner.  (I suppose losing 5 pounds isn’t so bad!) 

There is one thing that has kept me going this week: running.  Monday through Thursday my running shoes were my best buddies.  Silently sitting in my closet waiting for my feet to soundless slip in, they’ve been a reliable source of comfort.  They’ve carried over some icy sidewalks and through snow-covered roads.  Dearest Brooks Trance, I do love you so!

Putting in 24 miles across these 4 days at very odd times of the day, I’m again reminded of the power of a good run.  (Heck!  Even a bad run is better than no run!)  Prior to starting out on some of these runs, I just didn’t want to do it.  “I’ll just skip tonight’s run and make up for it tomorrow,” I thought once or twice this week.  But then I remembered how wonderful I feel when I’m done, and I forced myself to lace up my shoes and head out the door.  I find the change in my attitude post-run amazing. 

 During the winter months it’s so difficult to stay motivated, especially when it’s cold and windy outside, but it’s so worth the effort.  Tomorrow is the first race in our local winter race series called the Freezeroos.  I’m registered to run but not looking forward to it because the temperature is only supposed to be 18 degrees.  Brrrrr! 

Speaking of race series, I just found out that I placed 5th in my age group for the Rochester Runner of the Year.  You could have knocked me over with a feather!  I didn’t expect any award for this series as I was injured and missed several of the fall races.  Apparently, there’s a banquet in January that I’m supposed to attend to receive my award.  Will wonders ever cease?


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