Feelin’ Stronger Everyday

October 24, 2007 at 1:09 am | Posted in Change, Gratitude, Long Run, recovery, running for mental health | 3 Comments

What  a difference a week makes!  One week ago I was agonizing over whether or not to run the Columbus Marathon.  One week ago my leg hurt badly making it difficult to place all of my weight on it.  One week ago I struggled to maintain an 8:40 pace while running an easy 5 mile run.  But today?  Today I feel hopeful, stronger, and nearly pain-free. 

On Saturday, I ran 5.7 miles at a very easy pace, although my tight adductors made it very difficult to get a decent stride.  Nonetheless, I felt okay when I finished and began to prepare my mind for Sunday’s long run.  I woke up Sunday morning with a nervous stomach and I felt rather anxious about completing my run.  You see, I decided Saturday that I needed to run at least 16 miles to regain my confidence in my ability to run long as the my last 20.6 mile run was September 29 – an eternity ago.

Typically, I crave long runs.  In fact, I look forward to the peace that washes over me when I’m about 12 miles or so into my run.  It’s difficult for me to put into words what happens to my mind and body, but I’ll try.  When I’m running for an hour and a half or more I feel like I’m floating, not running.  My senses become much more in tune with my surroundings, and the brilliant autumn colors become much more vibrant, the birds chirp much more sweetly, and the occasional bunny is much more cute than usual.  Truly, running is my escape, my refuge. 

However, Sunday I was trepidacious as I set out on my run.  Still, I laced up my shoes, loaded my gu flask with 4 packs of GU, filled my water bottles, and headed out to the Canal for my run.  The first 11 miles went by slowly but with little pain.  I stopped to buy a bottle of Powerade and started out to finish my last 5 miles.  To me, Powerade is the elixir of life – my magic potion that unlocks all of the energy and strength in my body.  Wow!  I felt great and I finished my last 5 miles at my goal pace.  That night I cautiously practiced my Yoga for Athletes DVD and whispered a thank you for a good run.

Today, Tuesday, I ran 5 miles in 40:54 and felt better than I’ve felt in nearly 4 weeks.  While my left leg is still tight, I’d say that I’m 75% recovered.  I’m being very, very careful to take a lot of time to cool down and stretch.  In fact, my cool was .75 miles.  

As I finished my cool down, an old favorite song of mine played on my ipod.  It goes like this,

“I do believe in you, and I know you believe in me. Oh yeah, oh yeah…Knowing that you would have wanted it this way, I do believe I’m feelin’ stronger everyday.” Chicago

Again, I whispered a thank you and smiled.



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  1. Yeah Sandy! So good to hear that life it turning the corner for the positive. I am starting to know that feeling of feeling better with each run. It really makes you want to appreciate each mile you travel.

  2. Nice job recovering, Sandy. Seems you are reaping the full benefits of your “taper plus.” Those long runs can take us where no one else can begin to understand. Floating is a very accurate description.

    Remember when you reference those old classic songs and artists that you’re dating yourself. 🙂

  3. Seems as if you are doing much better. Excellent progress!

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