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Well, tomorrow is decision day regarding my participation in the Columbus Marathon this Sunday.  To those of you who’ve never experienced an injury prior to a marathon, be thankful, very thankful.  The months of grueling track workouts, hill repeats, 21 mile runs with the last 7 at marathon goal pace, tempo runs in 88 degree weather are poof! seemingly up in smoke. 

I am happy to report that I went for a 4.4 mile run this afternoon and had very little pain; just the first several steps of my run were very slightly painful.  Really, the pain was insignificant.  On the downside, my legs felt fat and heavy and my mind tired.  Now, if I rest completely, and I mean not even a mile of running, I think I could finish Sunday’s marathon.  However, my goal for the past several months has been to qualify for Boston.  So, do I go to Columbus just to run and not focus on qualifying?  Or do I wait a few weeks and run a November marathon? 

If you would kindly voice your opinion, I would be ever so grateful.  Also, if you have any helpful website you’d like to suggest, I’d welcome your suggestions with open arms.

Thank you to my friends Tom, Amy, Bella, Mary, Kathy, and JP for checking in on me, even if it’s only periodically.  Some of you have sent me emails daily inquiring about my physical and mental health.  You’ll never know just how very much your compassion and concern for me has meant.  It’s great to know I have friends!

In case you’re wondering, my total miles run to date = 1513.65.  I guess that’s something to be proud of, anyway.



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  1. I know your other friends will speak to the physical side of the dilemma and I have some opinions of my own for that – but I would start with the head. To qualify, your heart and soul needs to be in the game and believe you can do it and if you think you can do it – you should go do it.

    For the physical part, I can only relate your decision to my recent decision to do the duathlon when I was partially healed and completely stubborn. I did do it and finished and was sooo happy – but it put my recover back by 5 weeks. If you feel like physically you are 85% back and won’t do more damage – go for it.

    But if not AND if your head isn’t in it – wait a few weeks.

    You are one amazing runner! I know if you decide to go for it – you are going to love the results – you will qualify – you won’t let yourself not achieve it.

    Good luck Sandy – can’t wait to hear what you decide. I will keep good thoughts for you!

  2. Wow, that’s a tough decision! But I know if I had my heart REALLY SET on qualifying for Boston and I had a nagging injury I’d run in a later race. I’d see if it’s possible to rest up in time and stay in shape for a November marathon. That’s my common sense speaking, my heart would say “Go for it, run Columbus.”

  3. Oh boy, this is pretty tough. I concur with Running Ragged about how important Boston is to you…there’s always another race around the corner to qualify for Boston but every course is different too. So it’s almost like you have to do your homework all over again…which almost sucks!
    If I was in your shoes…that’s the risk taker side(& not so smart) of me speaking, I’d take it real easy until Sunday and suit up race day & go for it. I know I’m not much help, a bit more selfish and greedy actually.

  4. Hi Sandy, Hope today your decision and resolve is clearer for you. We’re all thinking about you and will support you whenever and wherever you run!

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